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Mason Bee - Fall workshop - Harvesting the Cocoons

IT’S HARVEST TIME FOR THE MASON BEE COCOONS…Sunday, October 30th12:00 – 2:00 PMChuckanut Center107 N. Chuckanut Dr. (north of Fairhaven Park entrance)$10 suggested donation Register at (470) 236-8374 or email
Class Description:
Fall is the time to harvest the mason bee cocoons to help the bees thrive, not just survive!!!!Leaving them outdoors allows them to be unprotected from pests and weather elements. We will be opening up the tubes, reeds, or wood trays we have to separate the cocoons from pests. We will then overwinter them to keep them safe & protected.If we don't do this, we will more than likely begin losing our mason bees to pests. Come find out how to harvest mason bee cocoons so you get more bees for next season for your own garden or share them with friends.All ages welcome…especially children. Teacher : Suki Aufhauser