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Compost workshop June 17

Compost Workshop Saturday, June 17 10 AM-2 PM at Chuckanut Center

We'll explore 5 unique ways to build healthy soil: Leaf mold Worm bins Compost tea Bokashi Korean Natural Farming method
Suggested donation $20 (nobody turned away) Scroll to bottom of page for registration form
Program: Greetings, introductions10:00 Leaf Mold10:10Presented by Martin Passmore In many cities people experience leaves more as a soggy problem than a valuable resource. But they are easily transformed over time into leaf mold, a cheap, weed-free source of humus and soil life which was highly valued by traditional gardeners. I call it beginners' compost, because it has low nuisance-potential and only takes up space and time without demanding much attention. The volume is reduced considerably as it matures. I will describe and illustrate my current three-year process and what I have learned in a decade or so that might be useful to others.
Outdoor Worm Compost Bins10:30