Upcoming events at Chuckanut Center

Paper Making from Garden Waste:
A workshop with Irene Hinkle
Sunday, July 15,  Noon-2:00 pm
$25 suggested donation.
Make your own paper using garden trimmings, prunings, flowers, and waste. Bring what you have and learn how to use it. Participant takes home own paper made in the workshop. No previous paper making experience necessary.
RSVP via email : chuckanutcenter@gmail.com
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July 16-19, 10:00am-3:00pm
For ages 7-12
Cost: $275
Register directly with Havilah at havilahrand@gmail.com.
Let's fire up our creativity as we write and record songs. We’ll engage in a variety of activities such theater games, word and picture collaging, listening sessions, journaling and outdoor adventures in both natural and urban settings to find inspiration for song topics and lyrics. As our songs take shape, we will record them using a basic recording unit and high quality microphones. Those who play instruments are encouraged to use them but no musical skills or past experience are required. There will also be opportunities for those who are interested in sound engineering to learn more about the use of microphones and basic recording gear. Our work will culminate with a full length CD and and CD release celebration. Visit www.holisticartventures.com to learn more.
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Sunday, July 22, 1:00 to 4:00pm.
$25 suggested donation
Ages 13 and up
Beautify your garden with colorful mosaic art!
In this 3-hour beginner-friendly class, participants will design and create a unique mosaic garden paver using a wide variety of colorful "tessarae" (colorful tiles, broken dishware, glass marbles and more). Participants are welcome to bring broken dishes, tiles, and other items from home for their mosaic designs - or to share with others!
Participants must bring their own paver.  Instructor will provide all other materials including a wide variety of colorful tiles, mortar, grout and instruction and design ideas.
A grouting demonstration will be given so participants can do this finishing touch at home.
Teacher Bio : Jean has taught Intro to Mosaics and Mosaic stepping stones at WCC, SCC and ECC for about 5 years.
Coffee and tea provided.
or RSVP via email : chuckanutcenter@gmail.com
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Youth Fiddle Week with Cayley Schmid
July 24,  25, and 26 (Tues. -Thurs.), 10am-2pm
$135 total (all three days)
Ages: 5-18
A three-day camp for kids 9-14 years old, who already have some violin/fiddle experience. We will learn traditional and modern tunes, write our own music, practice accompanying on the fiddle, and have fun playing music together. This is a great way to show young people the fun and community that can be found in playing music with other people.
Partial scholarships for low income are available.
Contact Cayley with questions. cayleyschmid@gmail.com (360)739-7027
Teacher Bio:  Cayley has taught fiddle to kids and adults, groups and individuals, beginners and advanced players for ten years and enjoys helping others discover the joy of playing folk music.

HOUSE CONCERT with Val D'Alessio and Jean Mann
Thursday, July 26, 7:30-9:00pm
Doors open 7:00.  Show starts at 7:30.
$10-$15 suggested donation.  
Tickets available only at the door.
Val discovered a passion for music at an early age. She taught herself to play Beatle songs at age 10, sitting in her room in Winthrop, Maine.  Val says that her musical journey truly began at the age of 33 when she began consistently writing and recording her own music. She wrote most of the songs recorded on her first CD “Home, Highways and Bad Hair Days” while living in Lumpy Dump Cabin 11 in Bellingham, a place she found safe to begin expressing her musical depth. You will find this singer/songwriter now living in Seattle.  http://www.valdalessio.com/
Jean is a Seattle-based Americana singer-songwriter who was born and raised in Bellingham.  She performs on tenor and acoustic guitars, ukulele and harmonica, all to accompany an arresting, texture-laden vocal style that grabs at the very depths of the soul.  With seven records in her catalog Jean has toured nationally since 2000 and made her European debut in 2014. jeanmann.net
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Gardening with Indigenous Micro Organisms 
with Peter Jackson
Sunday, July 29th, 
12:30 - 5:00 pm

$30 suggested donation.
Class Description :This class will be an introduction into culturing microbes from the forest under the umbrella term of Natural Farming. Also included will be some preparations of biofertilizers and homemade pest control solutions.
First part of class will be indoors classroom format, second part will be hands-on out in the garden area. Dress for weather (sun or rain).
Register here:
or RSVP via email : chuckanutcenter@gmail.com

Weed N’ Feed
Thursday, August 9, 5:00-8:00 pm
At Chuckanut Center gardens
Help us maintain our beautiful gardens – then enjoy a meal together provided by Chuckanut Center!  August’s meal will be an Italian Pesto Festo!
RSVP with a note to chuckanutcenter@gmail.com
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Eco-Dyeing from Weeds and Waste with Irene Hinkle
Sunday August 19, Noon - 2:00 pm
Class fee $25.

Experience the wonder and magic of plants printing themselves! Take home your own eco-dyed creation on paper (make great greeting cards!) using natural dyes you can make yourself and plants from your own garden or near-by woods. Bring interesting leaves, fronds, and flowers (both fresh and dried are o.k.) if you like and incorporate them into your eco-dyed paper. 
Register here:
or RSVP via email : chuckanutcenter@gmail.com

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House Concert with Threefer
August 23, 7:30-9:00pm
Doors open 7:00. Show starts at 7:30.
$5-$10 suggested donation.
Tickets available only at the door.
Threefer is a trio with Chuck DingĂ©e (guitar, vocals, flute), Sharon Mayson (vocals and percussion) and Katie Weed (violin, mandolin, guitar & vocals). They play a fun, eclectic selection of music from the 60s, 70 & 80s including songs by the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Newgrass Revival, John Prine, The Police, Pink Floyd, Emmylou Harris, John Denver, It’s a Beautiful Day, and others.
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Rise Up Singing returns!
Thursday, September 13, 7-9pm
Join us for our monthly song circle (second Thursdays) at Chuckanut Center.  Participants are encouraged to bring instruments, voices and lyric/chord charts to share songs and build community.  All abilities welcome!
Bring refreshments as needed. Donations welcome.

Gourmet Vinegar Making Workshop with Irene Hinkle
Sunday, Sept 16,  noon- 2:00 pm 

Class fee of $30 will provide each participant with their own bottle of herbed vinegar from class as well as a take-home kit for making more.
Make fantastic, drinkable homemade gourmet herbed vinegars for your health and cooking pleasure. Learn to work from scratch and make vinegar from garden produce and waste as well as foraged fruits. Taste vinegars the instructor and her husband have made and get hands-on experience by starting your own bottle of couture vinegar to take home. 
Register here:
or RSVP via email : chuckanutcenter@gmail.com
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Rise Up Singing
Thursday, October 11, 7-9pm
Join us for our monthly song circle (second Thursdays) at Chuckanut Center.  Participants are encouraged to bring instruments, voices and lyric/chord charts to share songs and build community.  All abilities welcome!
Bring refreshments as needed. Donations welcome.

House Concert with Max Hatt and Edda Glass
Sunday, October 14, 7:30-9:00 pm
Doors open at 7:00
$15-$25 suggested donation with nobody turned away for lack of funds.
No advance ticket sales.
Max Hatt / Edda Glass's award-winning Jazz Americana and Brazilian Bossa Nova has "an incomparable spook" (Nashville Scene) and "a unique sound" (NPR).  Telling stories of little people on great plains, the duo evokes a world that stretches from the beaches of Rio de Janeiro to the prairies of the American west, leaving audiences with a feeling both light and deep. As heard on NPR Mountain Stage, NYC's Lincoln Center, DC's Kennedy Center, and Wilco's Solid Sound Festival.
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