Heirloom Seed Swap

Heirloom Seed Swap - Bellingham's 8th Annual

Sunday January 31st 2016      Doors Open 3pm-4:30pm at the Magestic Ballroom Corner of North Forest and Maple St. 

"Honoring Biodiversity of Seeds for Food & Medicine"
* Amateur & Professional Seed-Savers Welcomed.
* Seed-Potatoes & Permaculture - Edible Tubers Too!

Past Volunteers & Seed-Savers Sign-Up for Task to Arrive Early!
Sign Up Genius - http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0545aba62ea3f85-heirloom
Or Email Volunteer Coordinator:
Naomi at: seedswapvolunteer@gmail.com

Donations of Seeds & Currency Supports this Community Event.

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Chuckanut Center- Formerly the Center for Local Self-Reliance

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With winter in full swing our top priority was getting heat into the house.  We had scrapped the 1950's gas heater since it hadn't been functioning since 1999, and updated to an electric heat pump which was professionally installed by Feller Heating.  Volunteers are really appreciating a much more temperate work environment on Saturday mornings!

We have been working with the Sustainable Connections Community Energy Challenge team to update all of our energy related projects.  Click here to learn more about their work in our community.
As winter moved into spring we focused on electrical and plumbing details.  We installed a ceiling fan in the bathroom and completed the extensive modifications required to provide disability access to future tenants.  The kitchen is now set up to accommodate a commercial style 3 compartment sink in addition to a hand washing sink.  By mid-spring we were completing construction of the arched wall now separating the former living room and kitchen.  To wrap things up we patched all the drywall that we needed to remove to get access to these new areas.  It's time to tape it off and texture the walls...finally!
We broke ground on the back porch addition May 2.  The volunteer crew did the excavation by hand and built the footing in one morning!  We poured concrete the following Saturday.  Our volunteer crew consisted of Steve Wilson, David May, Keith Kemplin, Kent Heuer, Christopher Grannis, Kiko Anderson, Mark Whitman, Larry Williams and Bill Sterling.
During the month of June we completed the concrete work for the back porch!
It's time to begin framing.
Also during June work continued inside the house.  
New windows were installed in the kitchen.  
In total, we have restored or replaced 9 windows in the house, besides building all but two of the storm windows.
We hired Gerry Anderson, a local pro to texture the walls with a fine orange peel finish, and then got busy painting.  
What fun to see our new look!
   July gets off with a big bang as we install the parking area and do some rearranging of our outdoor environment.  This was a huge 4 day project led by our able board member Bill Sterling, and accompanied by Larry Williams and Steve Wilson.  
   The transformation gives us a much better idea of our space for an outdoor kitchen and social area.
Once the ramp was built up we could more easily start framing the back porch.  Our volunteers were led by Christopher Grannis from Landmark Enterprises.  Working only on Saturday mornings made for a slow but steady progress.  By fall we had our framing inspected and entered the trim phase.  Our back porch design, prepared by Marinus VandeKamp, incorporated elements from the existing roof lines to enhance its historical character.  We think its turning out beautifully!
Meanwhile, inside the house volunteers kept busy finishing the painting, installing fixtures and cabinets, and completing the trim details.  Marmoleum flooring was installed in the bathroom and kitchen courtesy of Jeff Moller at San Juan Decorators.  Cabinets were built and installed by New Whatcom Interiors.  By November we were ready to sand the fir flooring in the remainder of the house.  It's coming together nicely!
We're hoping to have our final inspection around the first of the new year!